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Social Justice Values

I believe that we all deserve access to safe and affordable legal services when our rights have been violated.  As a social justice advocate, I am particularly concerned with the protection of your rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the power imbalance between employers and employees. I am committed to researching and suggesting the best course of action for you, keeping in mind that there are a number of less costly options to litigation.  

In addition to employee and human rights, I provide legal advice in the following areas: ​

  • civil litigation including small claims

  • disability law (CPP, ODSP, LTD and WSIB),

  • employment & human rights

  • family law legal aid certificates (LAO)

  • family law (custody & support, divorce, separation, cohabitation)

  • wills & estates

Please note that if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you can feel safe knowing that I am an active member in the community and offer a safe space to voice your legal concerns.

Mirowski Law is located in Ottawa, Ontario but also services most courts in Eastern Ontario. We also offer services to clients in Thunder Bay, with frequent visits to the area throughout the year. Legal services can be offered remotely in keeping with the promise to provide accessible services.