Family Law

A Proactive Approach

The practice of family law is often thought of as adversarial in nature. However, as families become more and more diverse, the use of a lawyer can be helpful in setting guidelines for your future together. 

Whether you are a single parent seeing surrogacy or a couple starting a life together, there are family law tools that will protect your rights alone, together or in the future. Some of the tools we can provide include: 

  • Marriage Contracts

  • Cohabitation Agreements

  • Surrogacy Agreements

  • Co-Parenting Agreements

Separation & Divorce

Unfortunately, the breakdown of a relationship sometimes happens and with it brings incredible stress and discomfort for all parties involved. By using a lawyer, you will have an objective, skilled negotiator on your side. 

Some of the pressing issues during a relationship breakdown will include: the division of property, visitation, the matrimonial home, custody and access issues. I can assist you with the following: 

  • Separation Agreement

  • Divorce Proceedings

  • Custody and Support Agreements

  • Mediation