Wills and Estate Planning

The creation of a will requires the testator (YOU) to think about several considerations:

  1. Who will be your executor?  It is important that you choose someone who is capable of taking on the role.  Often we default to a loved one because that makes the decision easy.  However, the executor role requires dedication, time, financial knowledge and attention to detail.  It is also a good idea to ask your prospective executor whether that is a role they would feel comfortable in before naming them in your will. 

  2. Who are the beneficiaries of your will?  Does each person or charity/organization get an equal share?  Are you imposing any restrictions on access: (ie. the minor child must reach the age of 18 before accessing estate funds).

  3. Are there specific gifts you would like to exclude from the main estate?  For example, you may wish the antique piano to go to a specific niece as opposed to the primary beneficiaries.

  4. Do you need a trust set up?  Are there family members requiring a Henson trust?

  5. If there are children, who will you name as guardians?

Creating a will and naming your power of attorneys does not need to be a daunting task.  I can  take you through the process, step by step to ensure your wishes are known to your family and friends. 

Email me to set-up a wills appointment at your convenience.  Remember, I do house calls!