Hourly Services

Most legal services are billed at an hourly rate but block fees are available for some services. I also accept legal aid certificates for family law. 

In addition to legal fees, clients are responsible for disbursement charges which may include: photocopies, court filing fees, fax or telephone charges, couriers, process servers and more.  Your retainer agreement will clearly identify our agreed upon fees. 

Fixed Fees

I charge fixed rates for wills & estates matters.  Simple wills (no property, one beneficiary) start at $300 + disbursements.  Please contact me at for more details.

Limited Retainers/Unbundled Services

With limited scope assistance, you may be able to handle the whole case yourself, except for a few legal issues where I can help you. It is between you and the lawyer to determine how much of your case you hire them to do.

​​Single Documents

The price for a single notarized document is $25.00.  Additional documents will be charged at $20 each.

I am pleased to offer same-day at your door service for an additional fee provided you are located within the Ottawa boundaries.


You will need the following:

  • 2 pieces of government issued ID.  One must include a photo and health cards do not qualify.

  • The complete unsigned documents

  • Note** drafting charges are not included in these fees.  All documents are to be provided in their final format